All-on-4 Dental Implants

Even if you have multiple teeth missing, dental implants can provide you a solution to your problems and bring that confident smile back. All-on-4 is a technologically advanced system that allows patients to enter the clinic and leave the same day with a new set of natural looking teeth.

How does All-on-4 work?

With All-on-4, it is possible to replace an entire set of top or bottom teeth using only four implants. Traditionally, to support an entire set of teeth on the top or bottom, it would take between six and ten implants to support the synthetic dentures. As only four are required, this massively reduces the amount of dental work required meaning everything can be done in just one day.

The treatment is based on the angle at which the dental implants are placed within the mouth. At the front of the mouth, the two implants are anchored into the jawbone at a 90 degree angle and at the back of the mouth, two implants are placed at a 30 to 45 degree angle within the jawbone. As a result, the new teeth are well supported as the stress from the dentures is evenly distributed across the whole mouth.

Before the implants can be fitted, the dentist will first perform an x-ray to identify if you are suitable for receiving the treatment. At this stage, any concerns you have can be addressed before proceeding with the treatment. Once everything has been checked and you are happy with the planned treatment, an appointment will be made to remove any teeth required and fit the implants. Temporary teeth are attached to the implants whilst they are healing. Then, once the implants are fully healed, permanent prosthetic teeth are attached to complete your natural, new smile.

Benefits of All-on-4 over traditional treatments

All-on-4 may be suitable for you if you have been previously rejected from other forms of dental implant treatments. The most common reason for being advised against dental implants is due to poor bone density therefore a thinning jawbone. With All-on-4, the implants are placed at an angle so reducing the pressure on the suffering bone, allowing you to potentially still receive treatment despite having suffered from decreased bone density. In older women, this is especially useful and means you can get your smile back to its former glory.

All-on-4 is a permanent solution, so if you've been suffering from badly fitting dentures or are simply fed up of your crowns or bridges, then this may be the answer for you. In only a day, you will have a new smile ready to enjoy and show off to the world. The teeth are completely functional straight away so you don't have to wait ages for custom made prosthetic teeth to be fitted and suffer in the meantime. Very few dental appointments are required to complete the treatment, in comparison to more old fashioned treatments where patients often have to wait weeks between appointments with multiple trips.