Orthodontic treatment doesn't always have to take years, as CFast has shown. This revolutionary treatment delivers fantastic results in only a matter of months allowing you to carry on with your life but with added confidence.

The treatment focuses only on the most visible teeth, so the top and bottom front six teeth. Because there is such a targeted area in which the invisible brace works, results are achieved quicker than targeting the whole mouth. Clear brackets are used and the wires that pull the teeth in the direction required are tooth coloured, allowing for the brace to remain inconspicuous. Unless the person knew you were undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is highly unlikely that they would even notice your brace. The tooth coloured wire is made from a strong nickel and titanium material so making them durable, allowing you to continue your life as before.

How does CFast work?

The way in which CFast works to give you perfect teeth is by bringing together the brackets adhered to the targeted teeth. The specialised clear brackets have a nickel and titanium wire running through them. This is then tightened over a number of weeks, allowing the orthodontist to place the ideal amount of pressure on the teeth. As a result, the teeth begin to move in a predicted manner, allowing for them to become correctly aligned. The alteration of force is done in such a way that the re-alignment is comfortable and only causes minimal amounts of pain.

Why is CFast better than other treatments?

Cost is one of the biggest factors when selecting the right orthodontic treatment for you. CFast is a cost effective solution to your worries. As only six teeth on the top and bottom rows are targeted, this treatment form is fact cheaper than other similar types of orthodontic treatment. Costing as little as £500, this will include an initial consultation, all treatment sessions with regular progress checks and a retainer for after your treatment to maintain your fabulous results.

Speed is also a massive advantage of this treatment over other forms of treatment within the field. With CFast, you can achieve fantastic results in six months or less allowing you to even fix your smile before a once in a life time event such as a wedding.

Am I suitable for CFast?

CFast is ideal for you if you have aesthetic issues with the appearance of your teeth and you are after a quick fix solution. CFast only targets the six front teeth, which are far easier to move compared to the back teeth. As a result, the treatment is fast and relatively pain free compared to other orthodontic treatments.

However, if you have more substantial issues with your teeth, especially if they are affecting basic functions like biting, then this treatment is not ideal and a more vigorous treatment will be recommended.