Damon Clear

If you have been longing for a perfect smile but don't wish to go through traditional orthodontic treatments, then Damon Clear may be the solution. Compared to old fashioned metal braces, with Damon clear you can achieve a fantastic smile in record time and with less disruption to your everyday activities.

This brand new treatment has been designed with you in mind, providing maximal comfort yet still maintaining a fantastic success rate.

How does Damon Clear work?

Damon Clear is based on traditional metal brace treatments but offers many additional benefits. High technology tieless brackets are utilised with wires that feed directly through to allow the bracket to move more freely, enabling the teeth to be realigned in a quick and easy way. The mechanism used is called passive slide, which refers to the way in which the archwires move through the bracket, whereas traditionally the wires are bound in place by elastic which limits their movement, creating more stress on the teeth and pain as a result. Both the brackets and wires are made from a clear material to make them look as inconspicuous as possible so that it is virtually impossible to see that you are having treatment unless you take a very close look. The material is lightweight which is far better for the teeth, plus it is self ligating.

How much does Damon Clear cost?

The exact cost of your treatment will depend on your particular requirements and wishes. Everything will be discussed at your initial consultation and you will be presented with all possible options at this point. If you have any concerns or queries regarding the treatment, this would be the best time to raise them as the clinician can put you at ease.

Benefits of Damon Clear

Everyone, no matter how severe your orthodontic issues are, is suitable for Damon Clear treatment unlike with Invisalign treatments where only certain people are eligible. With Damon Clear, no tooth is left untouched as every tooth is targeted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that not only your smile will improve, but also other issues, such as a poor bite, can be addressed.

Damon Clear is much quicker than traditional metal braces, with up to six months less treatment required. Clearly this will change on a case by case basis, but rapid changes to the whole mouth will be seen. As Damon Clear is a fitted device, it isn't possible to lose unlike the aligners used in treatments such as Invisalign and Simpli5.

Because of the way Damon Clear is designed, it is not necessary to go for follow up appointments to 'tighten the brace'. As a result, Damon Clear is far gentler on the delicate tissues and teeth within the mouth, limiting the level of discomfort experienced during the treatment. Furthermore, your valuable time will remain yours as far fewer appointments are needed when compared to traditional orthodontic treatments.

Damon Clear does not cause any issues with speech, which is a common problem in some forms of orthodontic treatment. Instead, all you will get are fantastic results with little hassle and pain.