Facial Rejuvenation

The skin surrounding your new, fabulous smile is just as important as the smile itself, so why not opt for facial rejuvenation at the same time? With facial rejuvenation, your troublesome wrinkles will be a thing of the past as with advanced technology, the effects of aging can be combated to give you a healthy, youthful glow. Dermal fillers and wrinkle reduction techniques are cleverly combined to achieve the best possible result for your face. These are non surgical approaches and many patients have taken advantage of this to reap the benefits. Beautiful skin means a beautiful you, therefore this is guaranteed to boost your confidence and give you back that spring in your step.

What are Dermal Fillers?

As we age, our lips become narrower, our cheeks sink and in some cases the nose may become harsher in appearance. Dermal fillers is an ideal way to rectify these issues, as they offer a way to enhance the sunken cheeks, add to the fullness of the lips and may also alter the bridge of the nose to improve that area. Furthermore, dermal fillers are a fantastic way to achieve a smoother and more youthful look to the skin in general, instantly transforming your facial aesthetics.

Restylane , Teosyal and Juvederm are examples of synthetic dermal fillers, which are the latest in terms of technology and the safest on the market. They are both non-invasive in nature, however they are non-permanent also meaning top up treatment will be required. The procedure is done by a licensed practitioner who will ensure you are comfortable at all times with minimal discomfort. The whole process takes approximately one hour and to maintain the result achieved, follow up treatments must be done every six to ten months. There are very few side effects, and although an allergic reaction may happen this is exceptionally rare. If you have any concerns, the qualified professional performing the procedure will be able to answer any questions you have and hopefully ease your concerns.

Another approach to achieving the youthful complexion you have been dreaming of is through wrinkle reduction.

What is wrinkle reduction?

Facial rejuvenation can also dramatically reduce a patient's wrinkles for a more even, healthier complexion. Wrinkles are one of those things that appear as we age, no matter how much effort we make to try and prevent it. If you've tried all the usual tips and tricks, such as not smoking, using sun cream, having a good diet and sleeping well, yet you still have wrinkles it may be time to try a wrinkle reduction technique. There are over the counter wrinkle creams that may have a slight effect on your complexion, but if you are seeking a noticeable result then Botox is the way forward.

Botox treatment involves a chemical being injected into your skin that works to relax the muscles underneath, therefore instantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Initially, there may be some swelling so it may take a couple of days before you can see the full benefits of the treatment. This treatment is not a long term solution as the chemical used, botulinum toxin, wears off allowing the wrinkles to return as before. It is recommended that if you wish to maintain the fantastic results of the treatment, you have repeat treatments every three to four months.