White Fillings

Needing a filling is never a good thing however the end aesthetic result greatly depends on the type of filling you receive. The most common type of filling is silver filling which, although functional, does not look particularly attractive or natural. Nowadays, white fillings are available that are both function and natural in appearance.

White fillings are composed from a synthetic resin with a setting agent. Technology is always improving and dental technology is no exception. When they first came onto the market, natural looking fillers were not as durable as silver amalgam fillings but white fillers are improving to have durability nearly the same as its silver counterpart. As with traditional fillings, they do not have an unlimited life expectancy therefore it is vital that you go for regular checks and do your best to look after your fillings by following the dentist's advice.

In terms of cost, everything will be fully explained to you before any treatment begins and all costs will be explained, including any after treatment you may require.

If you have already had amalgam fillings in the past but dislike their appearance, it may be possible for you to have them removed and replaced with new white coloured fillings. It is important if you feel this applies to you, especially if you have had your filling for many years as some older fillings may contain mercury which is potentially toxic hence no longer used.