Gum Contouring

Teeth are not always the issue when it comes to dissatisfaction with your smile. A 'gummy smile' refers to having too much gum tissue on show when you smile and for some, this can be a serious cause of self consciousness or poor self esteem. Although having slightly more gum tissue than average does not cause any negative effects to your oral health, you may still feel you wish you remove it. Gum contouring allows for this to be achieved in a simple and painless way.

Before the procedure, the area of gum destined to be altered is numbed using an anaesthetic. The ideal amount of tissue needing to be removed will be identified by the dentist performing the procedure and then this tissue is trimmed away to make the teeth more visible. To ensure the gum has an even appearance, the latest laser technology is used to re-shape it.

In the days following the gum contouring procedure, it is normal to experience some minor discomfort but this should ease off once the swelling has decreased. To counteract any discomfort caused by the treatment, over the counter pain relief should be taken as these act to reduce swelling thus aiding your recovery. The recovery time for this procedure is relatively short, but if you experience any ongoing problems do not hesitate in asking for professional advice as the dentist is there to help. Washing with salt water for the first few days will limit any risk of infection. Within a month, you should be back to normal and be able to brush your teeth pain free but with a beautiful smile.