Implant Retained Dentures

In the past, dentures falling out used to be a major issue for individuals who has lost their teeth and were using this solution for a better aesthetic appearance. However, implants have allowed for wearers of dentures to live without fear of embarrassment of their dentures falling out. Implant retained dentures utilise dental implants to anchor the dentures to the mouth via an implant, inserted into the jaw bone.

Over the last few years, implant retained dentures have increased in popularity due to their additional stability thus providing a suitable long term solution for people experiencing tooth loss. The way in which dental implants help is because they are drilled into the jaw bone itself. A socket is made into which a titanium metal peg is placed. Once the bone has healed and the implant has integrated into the jaw, it is able to support dentures, crowns and dental bridges.

With implants, you can have that added piece of mind that your dentures will never come loose ever again. Even when eating, the dentures are held secure within the mouth and are able to function just like normal teeth would. Furthermore, compared to previous dentures, the implants increase the functionality. For you, this equates to a better bite and means that it is far easier to chew and grind down your favourite foods no matter how crunchy they may be.

Implant retained dentures are exceptionally comfortable and easy to wear long term. So, if you are after an aesthetically pleasing, permanent solution to your tooth loss implant dentures is certainly something you should be considering.