Dental Implants

The loss of a tooth is a devastating experience for those who value the aesthetic appearance of their smile, and so these people seek a more permanent solution. For those who wish to have natural looking teeth that are stable within the mouth, dental implants are the solution. They have been extensively used to not only stabilise dentures, but to provide extra comfort and security to those whom wear them.

A dental implant is simply a way to anchor dentures and crown into the mouth for a more stable and comfortable fit. A titanium metal screw is installed directly into the jaw bone, giving it strength to hold the artificial tooth firm regardless of any stress placed upon it. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic in most cases. However if you suffer from high levels of fear and anxiety then a general anaesthetic may be more appropriate. The dental practitioner will discuss all options with you and answer any concerns you may have so you can be at ease with the procedure ahead.

Once you have been made comfortable and pain-free, a hole will be drilled through the gum then into the jaw bone. The implant is then inserted and dependent on the particular treatment you are receiving, may then be left to heal for several weeks or have a temporary crown attached during the healing process. Once the bone has fully healed, permanent porcelain dentures or crowns are attached to the implant base.

The time taken for the entire treatment process to be completed is highly dependent on several factors, such as number of teeth needing to be replaced and bone strength. As a result, the treatment can take anywhere between six weeks and six months to complete, but you will be advised by the dentist performing the procedure as to what is applicable to your specific case.

As the bone heals to enclose the implant into it, this increases the stability the implant offers to the synthetic teeth attached. As a result, this is a highly effective method of addressing tooth loss, whether it be one tooth that needs replacing or a whole mouth of teeth.

Dental implants are exceptionally safe and have a fantastic success rate. You can then go about your day to day activities just as you did before, but with the added bonus of having a fabulous smile. Your implants can be cared for just as you would with you normal teeth. Only brushing and flossing is needed, no specialised equipment or additional visits to your dentist are required.