Incognito Lingual Braces

Incognito is an invisible brace system that is totally designed around you. With incognito, you can have fantastic looking teeth without the unattractiveness that traditional metal braces bring. This powerful new system can treat both minor and more extensive orthodontic problems in both males and females from ages 13 upwards.

Unlike normal metal braces, incognito braces are attached behind your teeth where no one can see them. This allows you to fix your teeth without attracting any unwanted stares and attention which may happen with other treatments. The state of the art system gives fantastic results with effective and easy tooth movement. The brackets are customised to the shape of your teeth so as to achieve the most comfortable fit possible.

How does Incognito work?

The Incognito invisible brace system is based upon traditional orthodontic metal brace therapies in the sense that 'brackets' are attached to the teeth and then a wire is passed through them. However, the fundamental difference between Incognito and old fashioned metal brace treatments is that where traditional braces are fitted to the front of the teeth, Incognito is fitted onto the back of the teeth so it is no longer visible. Incognito can be used on both adult and teenage teeth to drastically improve their appearance.

How much does the Incognito braces system treatment cost?

The cost of the incognito invisible braces system varies dependent on the complexity of your problems, therefore your treatment length. You will be advised about the full cost of your treatment at the initial consultation once a specialised has examined your teeth. If you are an ideal patient for the traditional metal braces, then you will be exceptionally well suited to the Incognito brace system. Incognition is just as effective as the more conventional orthodontic treatments, but without the unappealing appearance of the metal being visible.

Advantages and disadvantages of Incognito

Incognito is a powerful treatment than can correct even the more severe problems with your teeth. On average, treatment takes between 15 and 28 months to complete but this can vary on a case by case basis. Although the braces are not made from transparent materials, because they are placed behind the teeth rather than at the front, people will be unable to see that you are having any treatment and you can continue with your life as you were before.

One fundamental factor in deciding which treatment is right for you in the commitments you will have to make to the treatment. Just as with traditional braces, with the Incognito brace you will need to avoid certain foods during your treatment. Foods which you will have to avoid include hard boiled sweets, raw vegetables, ice and sticky foods such as toffee, chewing gum and caramel.

Incognito has the power to dramatically change your teeth. Every few weeks, it is important that you return to the orthodontist to have your brace tightened. After each appointment, it is perfectly normal for you to feel some minor discomfort for the following few days. If required, paracetamol or ibuprofen can be taken to ease the pain.

During the treatment, it is important to clean your teeth as often and as well as you can. If possible, it is advised that you clean your teeth four times a day so as to minimise any tooth decay that may occur during the treatment.

If you have major orthodontic issues but don't wish to have a visible metal brace fitted, then Incognito is the solution for you. If you have less severe issues, due to the drawback of Incognito it may be best to opt for another invisible treatment, such as Invisalign, to correct your problems.