Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 is the system from Invisalign that allows you to change your smile in just three months. This innovative system is best used in cases of minor misalignment as well as if you have previously undergone treatment but experienced relapse.

If you have a slight protrusion of your front teeth, or minor misalignment problems then Invisalign i7 can fix this quickly and effectively. Just as with the original Invisalign treatment, clear aligners are used to make your treatment as inconspicuous as possible. In as little as three months, you can achieve a great smile and get your confidence back.

How does Invisalign i7 work?

The Invisalign treatment plan is a multistage process. From start to finish, you will be well looked after by professional dental practitioners who will answer any concerns that you may have at any stage in your treatment plan. Firstly, you will be invited to attend an initial consultation appointment where all the treatment options will be presented to you. If it is decided that Invisalign i7 is best for you, then a ClinCheck treatment plan will be devised. ClinCheck is an innovative mapping technology that allows the orthodontist to predict the movement of the teeth throughout the treatment. As a result, customised aligners are produced based upon the results from the ClinCheck system. Up to 7 aligners are produced to realign your front teeth, transforming your crooked smile into something beautiful. Invisalign i7 aligners must be worn for up to 22 hours per day but can be removed for eating, drinking and teeth cleaning. If all advice is followed and the aligners worn for the correct amount of time daily, the treatment can be completed in about three months. Every two weeks, an appointment is scheduled to change the aligner as well as to monitor the progress.

With the ClinCheck system, before and after images can be generated so you are able to see the dramatic transformation for yourself.

Benefits of Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 makes use of revolutionary ClinCheck and SmartForce technologies to produced rapid and effective results. This is the secret to having perfect teeth in only three months. Teeth are repositioned using a maximum of only 7 aligners per arch of teeth. The treatment is most suited to correcting first to first premolars per arch.

If desired, Invisalign i7 may be used as a pre treatment before embarking on other forms of Invisalign treatment, such as the Full, Teen or Lite versions. The transition between treatments is simple and offers fantastic results. Furthermore, Invisalign i7 may be used if you just wish for some refinement following relapse after a previous a treatment, or if you just want a partial treatment.

As with all Invisalign treatments, Invisalign i7 is discreet allowing you to wear the aligner without all the stares and comments that traditional metal braces attract. The aligner is attractive, well fitting and comfortable which allows you to continue to enjoy your life just the same as before. Invisalign is far more hygienic than traditional metal brace orthodontic treatments as it can be removed whenever you eat meaning food is not trapped for hours before cleaning. Furthermore, the aligners are replaced every fortnight which adds to the hygiene factor.

If you lead a very active life style, Invisalign is for you. If you are doing any contact sports where a mouth guard is required, Invisalign i7 aligners can be removed to allow you to enjoy your activity. Then once you've done, you simply pop the aligner back in and continue your day.

Invisalign i7 is scientifically proven to be highly effective when it comes to correction of minor orthodontic faults. As well as being highly effective, it is also low cost due to the speed in which the treatment is completed. Very few appointments are needed to complete the treatment which keeps costs as low as possible.