Invisalign Lite

If you are seeking a quick fix for your crooked smile, then Invisalign Lite may be the answer you've been searching for. In only 28 weeks, your smile could be transformed from embarrassing to beautiful.

The Invisalign Lite treatment plan offers exactly the same benefits as the original Invisalign brace system however, unlike the original treatment, Invisalign Lite uses as few as 10 aligners to achieve fantastic results making it an affordable and easy solution to your worries. As with the original Invisalign treatment, the aligners are transparent which means that no one will know you are even having the treatment.

What happens in Invisalign Lite treatment?

Before your treatment can begin, it is important to determine whether this is the best option for you. An initial consultation appointment will be booked and here you will have the opportunity to address any concerns you may have. Once both you and the practitioner are satisfied with the treatment plan, photographs of your teeth are taken along with 3D moulds so that a clincheck image can be produced to monitor your treatment from start to finish. Then, using the clincheck image system, custom made aligners are produced for each stage of treatment according to how the system predicts the teeth will move. The exact number of aligners that you will require varies from person to person, but typically an Invisalign Lite treatment plan consists of between ten and fourteen aligners.

To complete your treatment as quickly as possible, it is important that the aligners are worn at all times. Aligners can be removed when eating, drinking or brushing teeth but it is recommended that they be worn for a total of 22 hours per day. As the aligner is virtually invisible, you won't have to worry about it having a poor aesthetic appearance which adds to the benefits of this treatment over more traditional braces.

Follow up appointments will be required every couple of weeks so that you can receive the next aligner in the series, but also so that the dentist can monitor your progress. Once the treatment has been completed, a retainer may be given to maintain the fabulous results from the treatment.

What are the benefits of Invisalign Lite?

Invisalign Lite has been proven to drastically improve your smile if your teeth have any minor orthodontic faults. For more extensive treatment, another method of realignment may be more suitable but you will be advised of this during your initial consultation. With Invisalign, even before the treatment is completed you should see a drastic improvement in your smile. Furthermore, this method is virtually pain free as the aligners are made from a light plastic material to move your teeth in a controlled and comfortable manner.

Invisalign Lite is only used to correct minor issues within the mouth. As a result, the treatment takes considerably less time as it can be carried out using as few as 10 aligners. When compared to the original Invisalign treatments, which use on average 20 to 30 aligners, this new method is much faster and as a result cost effective.

Just like the original Invisalign treatment, Invisalign Lite used clear orthodontic aligners so that your treatment is inconspicuous to others. This is the perfect treatment if you want dramatic results in record time without any noticeable equipment being used.