Adult Orthodontics

Although visits to the orthodontists have most commonly been associated with teenagers, the number of adults paying a visit is starting to increase. It is never too late to get that perfect smile you have been dreaming of. But even if your teeth were well aligned in your youth, teeth can move as we age so some individuals find themselves in need of orthodontic treatment to restore their smile. In adults, it takes longer for braces to realign the teeth compared to the time it takes in adolescents. As a result, the desire for braces to become as unnoticeable as possible has dominated the market leading to the development of innovative techniques to tackle the problem.

In addition to the poor self confidence that may people who have crooked teeth experience, failing to tackle such orthodontic problems can have more disastrous consequences for the future. Jaw pain is a common occurrence of problems that can be easily treated by a trip to the orthodontist. More seriously, disorders such as Temporomandibular Joint disorder, or TMJ, may occurs which can have a dramatic impact on your ability to do basic tasks such as communicate and eat.

Modern braces allow for you to undergo orthodontic treatment without the embarrassment and unattractive braces that were previously required. Now, many dentists offer solutions that are virtually invisible so that people don't have to know that you are having treatment unless you wish to tell them. Often, aligners and braces are made of a transparent material that cannot be seen unless up close so that you can continue your life and smile with confidence. Some aligners are even removable, so that when you eat you don't have to go through the embarrassment of having food stuck in your brace and being unable to clean them until after work.

Modern day solutions are worked around your lifestyle and commitments so even if you are a busy single parent, you can still take advantage of the latest in orthodontic teeth straightening technologies. Systems available include: