Simpli5 orthodontic treatment utilised a quick and simple aligner based system to correct minor issues with your front teeth. Using five aligners, both the upper and lower teeth can be targeted to give you that beautiful smile you have always desired.

If you require a little bit of cosmetic change, then Simpli5 may be the solution for you. If you are requiring a more extensive functional or cosmetic solution, then other treatments may be better suited to you but this will be explained during your initial consultation.

This amazing new treatment uses clear braces to correct minor spacing and poor alignment problems, ideal if you still want a clear brace treatment but don't require enough correction to receive the Invisalign braces.

How does Simpli5 work?

Firstly, you will be seen by a professional consultant who will discuss all the options through with you and decide whether Simpli5 treatment is right for you. If you decide to proceed with the treatment, then a dental mould is taken of your teeth to allow for imaging software to produce a 3D picture of your teeth. From this, the clear aligner is produced for you to wear.

Every six weeks, you will be invited to attend a follow up appointment to monitor your progress and change aligners if necessary. Each aligner tends to be worn for around 3 to 4 weeks before the next one need to be used. If the tray starts to come loose, this indicates that it is necessary to change to the next aligner in the series. On average, between 3 and 5 aligners are required to complete the treatment but this will vary on a case by case basis. Treatment generally lasts around 5 months but again, this can vary dependent on the individual.

What are the advantages to the Simpli5 treatment plan?

If you are looking for fast results, then Simpli5 can offer you that with treatment lasting on average only 5 months. You will receive your first aligners only 3 to 4 weeks after the initial impression of your teeth has been taken. Then, most patients take roughly 10 to 20 weeks in treatment time before they have achieved the fantastic result that Simpli5 offers.

One major advantage of Simpli5 over traditional metal brace orthodontic solutions is that Simpli5 can be removed at any point to eat, drink or clean your teeth. This saves you from many embarrassing times of having food stuck in the brace, causing the mouth to smell or even simply just look really unattractive.

Even before having finished your treatment, you should be able to see the changes that Simpli5 is making to your smile. As well as being extremely effective, Simpli5 is also low cost allowing you to get a great smile on a small budget.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, Simpli5 is invisible and comfortable to wear. No one need know that you are having treatment unless you wish to tell them. With Simpli5, you can continue to lead a busy lifestyle and see great results at the end of the treatment.