Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a brand new way to achieve that smile you've always dreamed of in only six months. Using revolutionary new technology, your teeth can be realigned in a discreet and simple way to give you that straight smile in the fastest possible time. The Six Month Smiles brace is designed to treat only mild orthodontic issues therefore if you require more extensive treatment, other options may be more suitable.

The Six Month Smile treatment brace has been designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, allowing you to continue with your everyday life without people staring at your brace every time you laugh or smile. Due to the treatment only being six months long, this is a cost effective way to afford a beautiful new smile compared to other treatments such as porcelain veneers.

If your teeth are crooked, poorly spaced or misaligned in any way then Six Month Smiles can help you. Brace materials are still used, but they have been redesigned in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing so you feel more confident while the treatment is taking place.

How does Six Month Smiles work?

Six Month Smiles uses brace materials in an innovative and effective way. Brackets are adhered to your teeth as in traditional orthodontist treatments. However the fundamental difference is that in Six Month Smiles, the brackets are transparent. Tooth coloured wires are fed through the brackets to allow the teeth to gently be pulled in the direction required for you to have a straight smile.

Prior to the treatment starting, the dentist will evaluate each patient on a case by case basis to ensure that this is the most appropriate solution to your problems. You will at this stage be advised on factors such as treatment duration, cost, the benefits and the risks of undergoing the treatment.

Throughout the treatment, you are able to eat just as you would before the treatment began and also you may brush your teeth just as before. The brace has been designed in such a way as to have no impact on your speech. Throughout the process, you will be guided in the best way to care for your brace and the clinician will also closely monitor your progress.

Once the treatment has been completed, you should notice a dramatic transformation. However to keep the teeth aligned correctly, a retainer is issued to prevent any relapse. People tend to only wear the retainer at night so limiting the effect on your everyday life.

Am I suitable for Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a verstitile treatment that can be used for many different dental issues. If you teeth are crowded, then this treatment is ideal as your teeth can be gently but quickly be pulled in separate directions, allowing for any crossing over to no longer be present. In addition, the opposite problem of having too much space between the teeth can also be fixed using the revolutionary Six Month Smiles treatment plan. The teeth are pulled back together to close the gap, making a dramatic difference to the appearance of your teeth. In some cases, misaligned teeth have an effect on an individual's ability to bite. Six Month Smiles can fix such problems for example, an under bite where the lower teeth stick out compared to the upper teeth can be fixed within just six months.

If you are in any doubt as to whether Six Month Smiles is the right treatment for you, the dental practitioner performing the treatment would be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.