Smile Makeovers

Smile enhancing takes into account not only an individual's teeth, but also the gums and surrounding skin to achieve the best possible aesthetic appearance. As a result, the treatment plan may include a greater variety of techniques compared to those used within cosmetic dentistry alone.

Firstly, your individual facial features will be taken into account and other factors such as your natural tooth shade, shape and size. When this has been established, your dentist will provide you with options to bring out a natural looking smile and boost your confidence.

The treatments performed will depend on the extent of your issues but also the desired end result. Less extensive smile altering treatments include teeth bleaching to whiten the teeth and tooth coloured fillers for visible cavities. Tooth bleaching is both in clinic and home based to maintain the smile makeover. If the issue is more extensive, for example if there is both staining and irreparable damage to the teeth, then an entire tooth may be covered using a porcelain veneer to give a natural appearance.

Before focussing on cosmetic approaches, some patients require an orthodontic approach to realign the teeth to a more natural position. Traditionally this has been done with metal braces but such treatments take a fair while to have the desired effect and the appearance in the meanwhile is far from ideal. A revolutionary treatment called the Inman Aligner has allowed a similar effect to be achieved, but in a discrete way so it is not so obvious that a brace is being worn. Invisalign is another technique where patients wear an invisible mouth guard to straighten out the teeth. As well as improving the appearance of teeth, these techniques will provide a vast improvement in your bite allowing you to enjoy your food far more than you could previously.