Wand Painless Injections

For many people, the worst part of going to the dentist or the doctors is the use of needles to administer drugs, such as anaesthetics, or vaccinations. If this sounds like you, then you need not worry. The Wand Painless Injection system allows for delivery of anaesthetic in a controlled and virtually pain free way. The actual device is computer controlled which is vital in its function. This brand new, revolutionary system has already improved the lives of many people, allowing them to visit the dentist without the fear and anxiety they previously experienced.

How does The Wand Painless Injection system work?

The Wand enables anaesthetic medicines to be administered without the trauma and stress that is usually associated with needle based injections. The actual device itself looks more like a pen so instantly that helps with anxiety for phobic people. The device is connected to a computer which allows for precise control of the speed at which the anaesthetic is delivered. Furthermore, this also means that the amount is also controlled so that recovery following the procedure occurs quickly. Through controlling the speed and amount administered, pain is well controlled as often the cause of painful injections is that the anaesthetic is injected too quickly into the patient. A needle is still used to get the anaesthetic into the body, however this is completely hidden within the pen so offers great benefits to adults and children alike.